Classic Styles

Accent Braids

Ribbon Rope

Headbands & Partials


Dutch 5 Strand Headband

Double Headband

Dutch 5 Strand Double Headband

Classic Partial
(with Tail)

Classic Partial Two into One

Classic Partial
(with buns)

Dutch 5 Strand Partial
(with buns)

Single Braid

Dutch Single 5 Strand

Dutch Single 5 Strand on the Diagonal

Headband into a Side Spiral

Crown Braid


Classic Double

Classic Double Down

Dutch Double

Dutch Double Down

Dutch 5 Strand Double

Dutch 5 Strand Double Down

One-sided Double

Classic Two
into One

Dutch Two
into One

Dutch 5 Strand Two into One

And More…

Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up with a Headband

Dutch Bottoms Up

Dutch 5 Strand Bottoms Up

Partial Lombard

Partial Lombard

Full Lombard

Dutch 5 Strand Full Lombard

Partial Heart

Full Heart

Triple Coil

Dutch 5 Strand Triple Coil


Dutch 5 Strand Fraggle

Coiled Clover

Dutch 5 Strand Coiled Clover


Can’t decide which braid you want? No worries! We are here to help. Give your braider a max budget and answer some simple questions about what you like and see what they recommend.